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Airline caterers fast for healthcare and living wage

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Workers discuss their week-long protest outside Miami International Airport.

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    1. Sag Norm

      Krystal should one day run for some congressional seat again. I would say she would come second only to Cenk since Cenk will go nuts on money in politics. But over all, I agree with Krystal more than Cenk.

  1. Alexander Davidson

    Good luck and solidarity to these workers. The airline industry is exploitative of its workers and treats passengers like crap. Here’s hoping they win. Credit to Krystal for having them on and giving them a platform.

  2. Ian McShea

    Let’s go! This is the type of radical working class politics we need to see! Thank you Rising so much for this report!

    Stay strong ladies, and all workers in the fast! Multiracial working class solidarity!

    1. WhalesTasteGreat

      You can always tell what a Company is like from the employees.
      Just got back from vacation in Japan… ANA round trip. Staff all look genuinely happy to be there… food is decent… they have plenty of workers, not understaffed, heard them speak at least 5 languages (Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean … and they went to find a girl that spoke Hindi from another section for a guy across the aisle from me)
      Compare that to the staff on United or Southwest… yiiiikkeeess. I’m scared to even talk when they’re bringing the cart around. Look overworked and fundamentally unhappy people. Seems like half the bodies too.

  3. TC Just TC

    if I hear another corporate shill talk about “choice” in healthcare again, I will spit in their face. I mean you have to be a soulless shell to see things like this and be like “yes this is great, ‘murica!”

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