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Catering services in NYC | Breakfast Meeting Catering | New York City

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Eve asks – What’s acceptable breakfast meeting attire? Should one stick to an all company looks or is business casual satisfactory in developing stronger relationships with your customer or Closing the deal? Breakfast can be the least serious of company meetings, but it doesn’t mean it should be taken less significantly. This question really hits home as we recently had a morning assembly and much of this evaluation relies on personal experience. Your attire for a breakfast should be just as carefully planned and carefully implemented as in another meeting. It might be true most offers are made during lunch and / or dinner, but those discussions that lead to those offered can start at the breakfast table and you must be prepared. Breakfast Meeting Catering

Most institutions serve breakfast before 11am which indicates you’ll be up early. An essential consideration is that not everybody is a morning person. Or they might be recuperating from an extended night earlier and haven’t had time to fix like they’d if it were a mid day or night meeting. Loud and bright colors can be jarring and difficult to soak up early in the morning. Flashy accessories can be too severe for the viewer if they have not had their morning coffee.

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