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Lakers Blow Late Lead to Knicks…Franchise Catering Too Much To Lebron

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The losing continues for the Lakers, this time vs the New York Knicks, 124-123…One thing that is very apparent, from top/down this franchise is catering everything around Lebron James. It’s too much if you ask me. You win as a team, you lose as individuals…Lakers are losing as individuals. Is the team paying too much attention to LBJ? Let me know what you think…

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Photo – Seth Wenig _ Associated Press

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  1. ErnieTheDailyLearner

    People may get upset at this, but I’m one of the ones that didn’t want LeBron. Not because he isn’t great. He is. But I wanted these young guys to grow. Randle would probably be here, maybe Lopez. Don’t know how many games we’d win but it would have been exciting for me. 👍🏼

    1. DeAndre Page

      @ErnieTheDailyLearner D’Angelo Russell didn’t like the idea of Lonzo Ball being drafted. 🤣🤣🤣
      He liked a tweet by a fan that said we already got our Laker point guard in D’Angelo Russell & don’t need Lonzo Ball.
      The better move was TRADE DOWN for Donovan Mitchell and keep D’Angelo Russell.

    2. DeAndre Page

      @ohhh yeahhh Fans did not sign Lebron James on a promise of 2-Max Contract Players. 🤣🤣🤣
      Magic Johnson is the one who signed Lebron James.
      He got tired of depending on TRASH SHOOTING YOUNGBLOODS.
      Got a point guard shooting 45% for Free Throws.
      That is dumb as hell, can’t be a leader in close LATE 4TH QUARTER GAMES because of throws.
      Dumbass fans make excuses for MULTIPLE GAMES OF ZERO POINTS.
      Magic Johnson was a pass 1st point too.
      That didn’t stop him from a career average of 19 points.
      Learn your Laker history.

    3. DeAndre Page

      @ohhh yeahhh Anybody that agrees to a 4-year contract is LAKER FAMILY. 🤣🤣🤣
      You just BUTT-HURT because Magic Johnson is about to trade some of these non-shooting youngbloods.
      Gonna depend on a new VETERAN CLOSER.

    4. DeAndre Page

      @ohhh yeahhh Kareem Abdul Jabbar was a NBA Champion with the Milwaukee Bucks before joining the Lakers. 🤣🤣🤣
      Shaq had already made it to the NBA Finals with the Orlando Magic before joining the Lakers.
      Not drafted by the Lakers.
      As a matter of fact, Kobe Bryant was not drafted by the Lakers either. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Time for Magic Johnson to follow Buss Family history = steal from another NBA team.

    1. DeAndre Page

      @Alonzo Tae This whole YouTube Channel is built off FANTASY LAND efforts to hype 21 & 23 year olds that are low quality compared to a Donovan Mitchell = carried the Utah Jazz to the NBA Playoffs eventhough he was a rookie. 😎😎😎
      Lakers did not draft a youngblood like Donovan Mitchell as HERO OF THE GAME, just guys that can get you 17 to 19points until CLUTCH TIME BEGINS.

    1. Chavez Wright

      Balling Like I’m Tobe what? No tf he isn’t. If he was a development coach his rotations wouldn’t have been absolute trash last year. Luke is the head coach it’s his fault, he not losing his job because of Lebrun he losing his job cause he terrible why tf are people defending this guy?

    1. DeAndre Page

      @ohhh yeahhh Bradley Beal is not 21 years old. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      He also was not drafted by Magic Johnson =those qualities alone are a GUARANTEED IMPROVEMENT.
      Not just a 3-point shooter, but as a Free Throw Shooter and also handling some point guard duties since John Walls injury. 😂😂😂

    2. ohhh yeahhh

      @DeAndre Page
      Watch your player struggle next year as well, and you bash beal or butler and say the same thing you say to what you said about these kids. Way to be a millennial and fall to all of the lebron narratives. I bet you be out there calling every lebron realists haters huh?

    3. DeAndre Page

      @ohhh yeahhh Magic Johnson said 2 Max Contract Players. 😂😂😂
      Kyle Kuzma is a child just like the rest of them, I am not emotionally tied to him = can go too for all I care if it will land the Lakers Bradley Beal.

    1. DeAndre Page

      Lou Williams was traded because Laker fans didn’t like him taking playing time from Young Core. 😑😑😑😑😑
      Gotta get away from Fan-Favorite status. Should have kept Lou Williams = satisfied with coming off the bench.

    1. Upful Soul

      @313JMO You’re crazy and need help lmao. Lonzo had plenty of trash, low scoring games. Lonzo makes them play with pace so they can score more transition buckets and is a good switch defender. But sometimes that pace wears down the team and they get tired.

      Had BI got hurt instead of Lonzo they still wouldn’t have made the playoffs and it would have sucked to watch them. BI even if he has a low scoring night brings value to the team i.e. like in their most recent Boston game. He was widely praised for locking down Kyrie in that game.

      Let me show you the numbers:

      BI: PTS 18.3 REB 5.1 AST 3.0 PIE 9.2
      Zo: PTS 9.9 REB 5.3 AST 5.4 PIE 8.7

      BI Zo
      5.1 REB 5.3
      3 AST 5.4
      0.5 STL 1.5
      0.6 BLK 0.4
      18.3 PTS 9.9

      BI FG% 49.7
      Zo FG% 40.6

      Three point shooting:

      BI 3P% 33.0
      Zo 3P% 32.9

      This clearly shows that BI is a slightly better 3 point shooter than Zo and BI’s FG% is way higher. The stats also show that BI is a much better corner 3 point shooter than Zo.

    2. Upful Soul

      ​@313JMO Stan lmao? You even claim that Lonzo is more entertaining than Lebron. You’re describing yourself. Lonzo had plenty of trash games and Luke had to sit him down in the fourth because he was bricking shots and sucks from the free throw line. He was on a hot streak before he got hurt but we don’t know if he would have maintained that consistency.

      Magic and Bron both stated BI would be the number two option at the beginning of the season. BI has improved his three point shooting and can knock them down. After the All Star break he played with supreme confidence and was scoring with ease. He’s a much better scorer than Lonzo. And, most people would agree that BI is better than Lonzo it’s not even debatable.

      This season was a disaster so Magic will have to shake up things. Lonzo will be traded because he’s injury prone and not aggressive enough. Bron needs a PG that can score consistency and make free throws.

      I like Lonzo but he’s not more entertaining than BI that’s for sure.

    3. Upful Soul

      @313JMO No he doesn’t have problems with aggressiveness and does make threes regularly. When is the last time you seen him play lmao?

      Bron can iso but his natural game is to share the ball.

      Lonzo is only good at making wide open threes and no Lonzo can’t create his own shot. To create your own shot isn’t just doing a step back.

      And, Bron makes the Lakers the most exciting to watch. You’re clearly an unobjective Lonzo fan. Lonzo hasn’t even played a full season yet and he won’t be a Laker next season.

    4. Upful Soul

      @313JMO Well BI is out now so that makes them more boring plus they have nothing to play for. Even G League players are getting minutes.

      Yes the team is more fun to watch with Lonzo because he gets the ball to move more and he can find people in their spots but he’s not aggressive enough. But individually BI is more entertaining to watch than Lonzo. Out of the young core, he’s the only one that can create his own shot.

      Bron isn’t really an Iso player. You comparing BI to elites or just low post players doesn’t make any sense. He’s a young player and he is one of the best Iso players in the league. He’s a better shooter than Lonzo that’s for sure and a better finisher.

    5. Jacques P

      @Stevie J Iso is “boring” for me, it is a team game. But to each is own. I still enjoy a good iso play once in a while. I wish both stay on the team and developpe that chemistry together.

  2. ohhh yeahhh

    Lebron is overrated when it comes to the top 10 players to ever live, lebron is the one to be blamed for all this. And I’m not hating I’m just seeing what I’m seeing with my eyes.

    1. ohhh yeahhh

      @Alonzo Tae
      That’s because you are a blind bronzexual. There is so many empty holes in lebrons stats. Good thing the media loves hiding everything about lebron and just shows
      One day your god will get exposed on TV when another big time face comes. It won’t be pretty for you Bronzexuals.

  3. Battle Rap Is Dead Tre

    Shout out to the Lakers fans who predicted this in July and August and felt we should’ve just continued to grow the young guys while @Allen Sliwa had his fingers in his ear screaming “nope , nope, I don’t agree,27 8 & 8, 27 8 & 8, 27 8 & 8”

    1. DeAndre Page

      Same Laker fans VERY QUIET during #4 Seed phase. 😂😂😂😂
      Kyle Kuzma was shining on the NATIONAL MEDIA Stage and JaVale McGee was Top 5 NBA Sho t-blocker.
      Lonzo was playing Off-the-ball


    all hope might be lost if they try and cater to lbj in this off season, its on magic to make sure that they keep making the playoffs with the roster they build and not turn into the 2018-2019 cavs when lbj is done

  5. Moe Mohamed

    I 100% agree w/u.. Luke has bent over too low for LBJ during the season, but still James has 90% of the blame,, he ran this franchise to the ground, my first time to hate watching lakers games,,, omg I really regret signing this dude ryt here LBJ

    1. Alonzo Tae

      Moe Mohamed That’s all you idiots do is blame Lebron for everything. Since all you guys are is haters I’m glad he’s making you mad. I hate the Lakers and Laker fans. You’re getting everything you deserve.

  6. tasanbanks ftc

    Magic Johnson is also to blame. He brought this so called “king” to our LAkers. The only way this can be rectified is signing another superstar along with keeping our young core whom HE drafted ( Zo, Kuz, & Hart). I was reluctant to say anything against Magic because I loved him and he is my #1 a time favorite player, but he has allowed his emotions compel his basketball personnel decisions. I know it is only year one, but it was a failure. He needs to fix this in the off season.
    Lastly, I hope and pray that Brandon Ingram gets a clean bill of health and can continue his basketball career.

  7. André

    The western conference is extremely team based! LeBron must understand this isn’t the east. LeBron should play one position , like PF. And I don’t watch Lakers game no more, Other teams are more enjoyable.

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