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Albanian Wedding Bride’s Festivity Maestro’s Caterers, Bronx, NY

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ProLine Productions – www.ProLinePhotoVideo.com – Full HD Video / Photography Company.
This is Bride's Festivity HD Video Sample from Albanian Wedding takes place at Maestro's Caterers, Bronx, NY. It's was a special option for our Full HD Deluxe Wedding Video Package. We were shooting with 2 Cameras to capture all great moments including SteadiCam Camera System for smooth, creative "walk-around" shots.

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    1. Marak Lia

      Jessica Amadeus Jackson
      She’s trying to say they’re from area around Tuzi in Montenegro… Malësia e Madhe is divided in half by the border. Kelmendi shalë shkrel are in Albania. Hot grudë triesh plavë e guci make up the other half in Montenegro .. you’re both correct

    2. Jessica Amadeus Jackson

      Malesia is part of Albania, its North Albania. Albania is not a region, its a country, Malesia is not a country, its a region oif Albania, therefore albanian land. Stop confusing pwople with your ignorance and learn to spell

  1. Albert Vaja Production

    Kjo eshte nje Mrekulli,por ju qe keni thene qe muzika nuk ben,gaboheni sepse kjo eshte muzke kosovare e shkelqyeshme madje them muzike ULQINAKE FANTASTIKE por edhe operatoret kane punuar shume bukur me STEADYCAM . BRAVO !

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