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Maya Luna Community Inspired, Worker Run Restaurant & Catering Coop

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As San Francisco's Mission District becomes a citywide destination, long time residents have paid the price. Rent have skyrocketed, long time mom and pop shops closed down their doors, leaving many long time residents on the verge of displacement.

Tired of being pushed out of their community, everyday neighborhood heroes have emerged from the hardship and economic struggle to create an alternative solution. Through late night meetings, weekend skills shares, collective sharing of recipes and food traditions, along with a lot of passion and community will, the eight leaders made the decision to build a worker owned cooperative out of the struggling mom & pop business, Rosy's Restaurant. The owner, Rosy Herrera, a 20 year entrepreneur and single mother of five, was on the verge of closing up shop and becoming another statistic.

Instead, a new and powerful vision has emerged: one that builds community, creates meaningful employment, preserves traditions, puts decision making power in the hands of local residents, and serves as an inspiration to immigrant-led movements fighting displacement in their working class barrios.


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